Saturday, 3 October 2015

Chelsea 1 So'ton 3

We played brightly for the first half hour. It looked effortless. Willian scored a brilliant free kick despite Falcao deciding he would try his best to have it overruled by being 5 yards offside. Then the warning signs began. Ivanovic exploited at the back again. So'ton began to win free kicks and corners. They suddenly realised, "hang on - there are only 3 players in this side above 5 foot 2" and killed us on dead balls. We looked vulnerable from every attack. 

The last time Jose lost his job at Chelsea he had complained of the lack of quality eggs his squad contained. It was notable that he kept schtum about no decent signings this season. We are now struggling badly when missing any 1st XI first choice footballer and the initial guffawing we made of the Manchesters overpaying for certain players shows in fact that it is ultimately worth investing. We have begun plans for a new ground at too late a stage - when our side is in obvious decline. Falcao makes Robert Fleck look a bargain. And Falcao was a freebie. There is no motivation for the team to perform. 

The biggest disappointment is regarding our manager. He really needs to drop players who are letting the side down. The tactics are becoming stranger by the hour. Ramires, Oscar and Fabregas intertwining is fine in attack. But they are useless at defending. Mikel or Matic should have started or at least been put on as subs after we went 1-0 up just to lock-in a victory. Then starting JT. Why? How will that help? What is Pedro adding to the party/funeral? What the hell is Hazard doing? What did Willian do to deserve being subbed? 

As for our fans... Well, thank the Lord so many can take this spell - the worst in years - in relatively good spirit. When the visitors sang "you're effing sh*t", the MHL joined in! Sure, about 20% of the stadium left after the third goal was conceded (down to Hazard's error btw) but how long can this goodwill last? Chelsea's relationship with its real fans has never been fantastic as they try to purify our crowd. 

Jose is right about one thing. Decisions have not gone our way for a very, very long time. But his expertise at deflecting the real issues are now far too well known... Even more than opposing sides knowing how weak we are at right-back. We were already struggling by the time Falcao fell in the penalty area and received some very generous decisions from the referee up until that point. It is the first time I am looking over my shoulder at the sides below us rather than having any realistic expectations of even qualifying for Europe.

As a fan, our eggs too are often reliant on the chicken being of good quality. In this case we are a cock in a pen with no hens. And now our egg chasers are out of the World Cup. What a terrible sporting day.

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