Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chelsea 3 Sporting Lisbon 1

On the way to the match yesterday a lady asked me to unscrew the cap of a bottle that she couldn’t open while on the tube. It was one of the strangest requests I have had considering she was middle-aged. The first thing that came into my mind was that this must be a Russian spy who was sent over to track me and somehow poison my body with some chemical hidden on the outside packaging due to my critical approach towards our side. Luckily, I am alive and well today.

Chelsea is my love. The articles that I write are exactly how I feel. Any negativity should not be interpreted as only wanting our team to be the best. In the old days, our team was so average that the opposite was true. You tried to focus on the odd player who really stood out amongst the mediocrity on show.

Yesterday there were tremendous positives. We brushed aside a team that had only lost once in its own league this season. We gave chances to some of our fringe players to shine and they pleased. Even Salah had a solid game. You can forgive his lack of confidence as some players need a run of matches to lend them positivity. The only player that worried was Costa. He is lacking match sharpness and one assumes that he played to help him get back to the form and fitness levels he had when he first started for us.

The game was a dead rubber for us but considering Sporting needed a point to qualify they seriously lacked attacking quality. Once we scored the second goal – well done Schurrle for a brilliant strike – the entertainment turned to the away fans. And you ask yourself – how is it that I sit in the West Upper and have the bottle top to my water confiscated in case I manage to lob it onto the pitch (which would require the strength of a javelin thrower) and yet no action is taken when visitors bring flares into our stadium? At Newcastle, despite being in the Upper Tier, I was not allowed to even hang my Chelsea Polska flag up as it would have covered some Sports Direct advertising hoardings that surrounded the ground!

I should have kept the Russian secret agent’s bottle top hidden in my pocket. Well done Chelsea. Well done Mikel. He scores when he wants!

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