Sunday, 23 November 2014

Chelsea 2 West Brom 0

This match was a dead rubber with two-thirds of the game left. It was a world record for how early, 'Olé' chanting had begun - and this was even before the visitors were down to ten men. West Brom were defecating in their pants from the offset, once preferring to kick the ball out for a corner when not under particular pressure rather than take a risk and kick it back to us in open possession. We are on fire in the matches that matter and destroying teams that need to be destroyed.

The difference between this season and last (apart from more "entertainment" value sought by neutrals) is Diego Costa. Can you imagine Fernando Torres finishing with such aplomb as he did on Saturday? To have someone of his calibre up front adds so much confidence to the side - a player who takes his chances; who fights for every ball; who has a deathstare that could freeze hell over. It was also an outstanding team performance and the chances we created were not the odd shot from outside the box, but clear one-on-ones and if it had not been for Ben Foster then this would have turned into a full-scale rout.

Jose's wind-up towards our home fans worked. The atmosphere was much better than against QPR even without any historic rivalry towards the Baggies who barely took up half of their away allocation and decided to come to life only when they saw Ramires warming up near their end. The shame of that draw last year was that it eventually lead to the end of Steve Clarke's managerial career without having done anything particularly wrong. The Baggies lack quality and need that kind of Scottish grimness to lead the charge instead of their current characterless coach. This could provoke players to work hard simply to be able to evoke a smile from his face.

It was damage limitation from the visitors almost from kick-off which exacerbated the deadness of the rubber in the second half while we were saving ourselves for another busy travelling schedule - Schalke and Sunderland in the space of four days (oh, and thanks tv channels for putting the game against The Black Cats at too late an hour to be able to get back to London by train that day). One of their free-kicks taken from the half way line went straight out for a goal kick without touching the ground... memorable for being one of the worst I have ever seen (and having followed Chelsea from the 1980s, their have been a lot from the boys in blue up there during our bad days!) This cued me preparing to leave and go to watch England play Samoa at Twickenham - two birds with one stone.

Congratulations to the lads. Hazard, Oscar, Fabregas, Matic, Costa, Cahill, Azpilicueta, Terry, Ivanovic and Courtois. If there was a gripe it was the attacking play from Willian which again disappointed. At my signal, unleash hell!

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