Monday, 5 May 2014

Chelsea 0 Norwich 0

The first song in a rarely attended local church service on Sunday was, "Lord of the Dance". Surely some kind of lucky omen into the Norwich home game taking place the same day? Perhaps me singing the Chelsea version in my head jinxed us. Ah yes, jinxes and superstitions. As football fans we are a superstitious bunch and it is often that I feel if my beloved side fails to win a match then it is down to me. Was there a game I did not attend and we failed to win? Well - that's my fault. My castrato voice could have been the one that aided Chelsea to obtain those three points. And yesterday us earning a draw instead of a win was down to me.

I was lucky enough on Wednesday night to have met Nemanja Matic. Well, when I say met... having dinner in Chelsea Harbour he happened to walk by. Well, when I say walk by... he actually was strolling 20 feet below the balcony where we were having our prawn sandwiches. Like a pubescent teenager I rushed to the edge of the balcony waving frantically, "Nemanja! Nemanja!". That is when it stopped and I was lost for words. The next sentence would be crucial for both mine and his sake. "You have had a fantastic first touch this season!" He smiled and carried on walking. I sat back down ashamed that I could not have come up with something more inspirational. Since he was ineligible to play against Atletico his next game back was the Norwich home match... and what a woeful game he had. For a man who had been so reliable this season, his touch and loss of possession was worse than a schoolboy's. And it was not his fault... it was mine.

The lack of obtaining three points yesterday was not down to one man though. We hit the post and bar and dominated the bulk of the game. But Norwich played fantastically well and I must admit that I sat in my seat wondering how they did not earn a penalty in the first half. Granted, we seemed to deserve one in the second. But the visitor's performance reminded me that of Crystal Palace earlier on in the season. They played solidly in defence and were unlucky not to make more of their handful of counterattacks. In fact, they nearly beat us at our own game against the more attacking sides. We were probably surprised that they took few risks considering they probably needed a win to stay up.

Not for the first time, Ba caused some seething when yet again a couple of his passes were completely wayward causing me to shout out, "AND YOU WONDER WHY YOU DON'T GET PICKED FIRST CHOICE YOU DONKEY!" It was probably down to crowd contagion from my negativity towards this one player that there were some boos at halftime and fulltime. These fans should simply be ejected.

Although it was a bank holiday weekend it was sad to see how few fans stayed behind to applaud the team off for the final home match of the season. We have not won a trophy but had a good year in the grand scheme of things. It has been one where we really have needed the fans support and without again sounding like a spoilt schoolboy - we have really not had the rub of the green no matter what the media argues. Decisions that have gone against us have cost us 3 points. Pointing to one penalty incident against WBA which ultimately only earned us a point is not balanced.

Our final game of the season is at Cardiff and it is a visit I am making to simply cross another stadium off the list. The atmosphere will be a strange one with the home side relegated and us most probably out of the running by then. Overall it is right to be positive for next season. We have real exciting attacking talent in our midfield with a solid defence. Just for a young Didier Drogba back in the attack!

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