Sunday, 21 March 2010

Goodnight Chelsea

Having suffered throughout the days of relegation, John Hollins and Slavisa Jokanovic there has rarely been such a feeling of emptiness being a Chelsea fan as there is at the moment. It is ironic that Roman is the man who helped give the club that little push from being a top four team in England to possible world dominators and yet is also the same person who has aided Chelsea's slide back into relative mediocrity since he decided he knew more about football than the manager who helped the Blues win the league with 95 points in his first season in England.
We have another stinkerman at the helm who still favours playing the likes of Kalou (who has never proved himself anything other than a useful substitute) and who when the team is in trouble like it was today brings on Deco!
Chelsea has of course had its share of hard luck - no Essien, Cech or Ashley Cole. Refereeing decisions this season have been abysmal both in the league and in Europe. Our recent run of results means that now some will point to the off the field antics of a few of our English contingent as derailing our season. Mathematically we can still win the league by winning all our remaining matches, but if we cannot beat Blackburn while having a manager who still thinks three strikers up front is the answer to all our ills then we are going to be also rans for many seasons to come. In this hour of despair all I can pray for is a miracle, and while within the walls of the stadium I will give Chelsea nothing but my most utmost support for the remaining matches that I will attend this season.
Of course there are those who say that we should be happy with what we have. Compared to where the club was even ten years ago another possible FA Cup win on the cards and a likely top three finish would not be sniffed at. The likes of Tottenham and West Ham would kill to be in our position. But I do not want to look backwards to where we were but forwards to where this team should be.
Unfortunately the side is now regressing tactically and in terms of quality - and who wants to finish behind the teacher's pet that is Arsenal and the kid who gets all the girls but fails his GCSEs that is Manchester United? That drive alone should be enough to stimulate the manager to start playing games to win and not seek these empty plaudits regarding our so-called new flair from individuals who secretly want our club to fail.

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